Koushin Festival
The lost principal image of Buddha made by Nichiren-shohnin was found at a repair of the main temple 200 years ago. Because the day when it was found on was Koushin (of an old calendar), they decided to hold a festival on the day of Koushin to celebrate it.

In those days, a saint carried the principal image on his back to give the miraculous power to the famishing and epidemic people.mon

Since then, many people have visited Taishakuten for good luck.
haidenIt was a nice and warm day from the eary morning. So the streets and the temple were very crowded. As today was Koushin festival, the fair stalls gathered so much on the street rather than ordinary days, and the temple town was full of spirit.

kemuriThey scrub the god statue with "tawashi-brush" for their good luck.
They bottle the god's water to bring it home.

People's wish to be happy may be the same.

sandoThe temple town was crowded with lot of visitors.
They stood in a line in front of shops to buy dango sweets and souvenirs.

It reminds me of the traditional Japan in old era.

rotenThe fair stalls selling foods and the lucky goods.
The lucky ornament called "Daruma".

By the way, it is said that you will be happy if you buy anything on a festival day....


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