This is Shibamata in Katsushika, Japan. Speaking of Shibamata, it is famous for the movie titled "Otoko wa tsuraiyo" which is most popular in Japan and has the most numbers of series in the world.

Taishakuten, its original name is Daikyo-ji, was opened in Shibamata by the Edo river 300 years ago.sandomon

It has good points to see such as old buildings, the nice sculptures made of wood, the pine tree like a dragon and the beautiful garden.
dangoBut the most popular sight is the Temple Town because the shops along the street remind you of the old good town in Japan. The street is always crowded with lots of visitors.

ameThere are various shops along the approach to the temple, the sweets and the souvenir shops, Japanese restaurants and so on. People seem to visit here to have fun with shops.

If you visit Taishakuten, you can feel the atmosphere in old era and you can see kindness people of Shibamata. Tora-san (a hero in the movie) having a trip around Japan always comes back to his Home Town "Shibamata".

[Traffic information]
  • To visit Taishakuten, change at JR-Kanamachi Station for Shibamata to Keisei line or keisei bus. OR it's very comfortable to walk on the bank along Edo river from Kanamachi to Taishakuten.

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