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[Kingdom of Belgium]
首都 > ブリュッセル
人口 > 1,008万人
面積 > 3万0513km2

通貨 > ユーロ(euro)
言語 > フラマン語,ワロン語,ドイツ語
宗教 > カトリック

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[総合情報 - General information]
Belgian Federal Government (Belgium)
ベルギー政府 Federal Information, Guide to the Federal administration, All about Belgium, Federal internet sites, The Belgians, Other public services, Council of ministers, Cities and communes, The FIS-databases, Europe

Embassy of Belgium in the United States (Washinton D.C. USA)
在米ベルギー大使館 General Country Information, Representatives in the United States, Mailroom, Students' Corner, Trade & investment, Belgians Abroad, Events, News & Publications, Going to Belgium

駐日ベルギー王国大使館 (東京都千代田区二番町)
Embassy of Belgium Tokyo
ベルギー王国大使館・フランダース政府代表部 (東京都千代田区二番町)
財団法人ベルギーフランドル交流センター (大阪市天王寺区上本町)
Brussels Europictures (Brussels)
ベルギーブリュッセル情報サイト。 Online Newspaper, Fairs and Exhibitions, Entertainment, Feasts and Special effects, Shop and financiais, Restaurants in Brussels, Arts and curiosities, Le louise Village, Tractor Pulling...

RoadHouse (Belgium)
ベルギーディレクトリ Unofficial Belgian Web Directory

[観光トラベル - Travel and Sightseeing]

ベルギー観光局 (東京都千代田区麹町)

ベルギー旅行記・観光情報 (Belgium)

s.a. HILLSIDE n.v. > 観光 (Kraainem)

Plug-In Belgium (Belgium)
ベルギーガイド。 All you need for a perfect stay in Belgium, tour, hotels, museums, legal matters, classified ads, entertainment

Expatriate Online (Belgium)
ベルギー観光、イベントほかディレクトリ。 Forums, Events listings, Business Directory, Travel Information, News for expatriates living in Belgium and for tourists to belgium.

Hotel-Connect (Belgium)
ホテルコネクト。 Hotel-Connect offers you a collection of finest hotels in Brussels, Bruges, Liege, Ghent, Antwerp and shortly in other Belgian cities.

Resotel (Belgium)
ホテル予約センター。 First Independant Hotel Reservation Centre in Belgium

Belgian Railway -Nederlands, Francais, Deutsch, English (Belgium)
ベルギー鉄道。 The official SNCB Website. News, Legal, General Information, Domestic & International traffic, B-Cargo, Other Service Providers.

Vremco > Hostel in Antwerp for budget travellers (Antwerp)
ベルギーアントワープのホステル。 Clean and spacious private rooms in a hostel catering to international travellers and students, in the center of Antwerp.

Sleep Well > Youth Hotel (Brussels)
ユースホテル。 Sleep Well located in a brand new and welcoming building, is not only a high quality accommodation but also a professional meeting centre, a restaurant and a bar.

Europictures > Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes (Brussels)
ベルギーブリュッセルのホテル、レストラン、カフェ情報。 Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes in Brussels, Belgium

Toerisme Vlaanderen (Flanders)
フランダース観光局 Welcome to the official Web-site of The Tourist Office for Flanders

JetSet International (Waterloo)
ベルギーの旅行業者。 JetSet International, Travel Agency- A full service travel agency providing travel arrangements for business and leisure travelers

[ひと・まち情報 - People and Town]
プチポワ (Belgium)

Brussels.org (Brussels)
ベルギーブリュッセル総合。 Hotels, Restaurants, Movies, Theatres, By Night, Museum, Shopping, Practical Guide, Events in Brussels

Brabant wallon, the young Province (Brabant)
ベルギーWalloon Brabantサイト。 The site of Walloon Brabant with its history (timeline worth to be seen), organisations and events



Stad Gent - City of Ghent - ゲント市

Alle info voor allen in Halle (Halle, Vlaams-Brabant/H.O.C.)
ベルギーのハーレ町。 Halle is a small town, 15km south of Brussels-Belgium-Europe. The site is in Dutch, but it contains a text in English and in Esperatno.

City of Leuven (Leuven, Brabant/iBi Center)
ベルギー・ルーヴァン市のページ。 Have fun in Leuven, Virtual City Tour, History, Cool regional links, online forum, Cool bars


Suske and Wiske Homepage (Oost-Vlaanderen)
絵本 Suske と Wiske のページ。 Site with lot of information and pictures about Suske and Wiske

Artsite Belgium Home (Belgium)
ベルギーのアートガイド。 The main artguide for Belgium listing all Belgian Fine Art Events in the Belgian galleries and museums.

Belgians Abroad Home Pages (Belgium)
ベルギー人の国際ネットワーク。 This page provides links to the home pages of Belgians studying or working abroad.

[イベント情報 - Events]
Blaazuit - Zoeken in de Cultuuragenda (Belgium)
イベントサーチエンジン。 Search Engine for the cultural events in Belgium

[ショッピング情報 - Shopping]
ロイヤルキッズクラブ (Brussels)

N.V.Verschueren (Brussels)
ベルギーレース製品販売。 The only place on the web with plenty of Belgian lace products > fine linens, wedding items, christening items gifts, souvenirs, ...

[ビジネス情報 - Business]
ベルギー・フランダース政府企業誘致局 (Belgium)

Antwerp City Real Estate Agency (Antwerp)
ベルギー不動産業者。 sale and rental of all real estate properties ; relocation and expatriate services

hotrate.com (Antwerp)
ベルギーの多検索サービス。 Hotrate.com is the only directory search engine providing relevant search results for any Internet or real life search, based on popularity ranking, authority, and user appreciation

TMI Belgium (Brussels)
管理業務の国際コンサルタント。 TMI is a leading International Training Consultancy helping individuals, teams and organisations create improved results through managing Time, Relations and Quality.

FFIO (Brussels)
ベルギーの海外投資事務所。 The Flanders Foreign Investment Office (FFIO) welcomes foreign businesses interested in investing in the region. The Office provides expert confidential advice free of charge on all financial, technical and practical aspects involved in establishing or expanding operations in Flanders.

Dilos Holiday World (Brussels)
ギリシャ方面ツアー案内。 Tour operator organising private tours, cruises, incentives, archaeological trips and holidays to Greece


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