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[Hyogo] > Beautiful Hyogo has been revived day by day since the Hanshin Awaji earthquake.
Capital > Kobe
Population > 5,410,000
Area > 8,387 sq. km.
Prefectural Flower > Chrysanthemum
Prefectural Wood > Camphor tree
Prefectural Bird > Stork
Main Events > Kobe festival, Nada no Kenka festival
Products > Crab, Tajima beef, Tanba chestnut, Sake
Sister City > Washington (USA), Khabarovsk (Russia), Parana (Brazil), Western Australia (Australia), Guangdong (China), Republic of Palau, Hainan (China)

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[People and Town]

Hyogo Prefecture (Hyogo)
The official page of Hyogo Prefecture.

Hyogo Prefecture (Hyogo/Himeji-tech Univ)

Index of/Himeji (Himeji City/Himeji-tech Univ)

The City of Kobe (Kobe City)
The official page of City of Kobe.

Aioi City (Aioi City)

Akashi City (Akashi City)

Ako City (Ako City)

Amagasaki City (Amagasaki City)

Ashiya City (Ashiya City)

Himeji City (Himeji City)

Itami City (Itami City)

Kakogawa City (Kakogawa City)

Kasai City (Kasai City)

Kawanishi City (Kawanishi City)

Miki City (Miki City)

Nishiwaki City (Nishiwaki City)

Ono City (Ono City)

Sanda City (Sanda City)

Sasayama City (Sasayama City)

Sumoto City (Sumoto City)

Takarazuka City (Takarazuka City)

Takasago City (Takasago City)

Tatsuno City (Tatsuno City)

Nishinomiya City (Nishinomiya City)


Miracle-Hyogo Sightseeing Messe (Hyogo)
Hyogo Travel Guide, Sightseeing Spots, Events Calendar, Regional Information, Miracle Jigsaw Puzzle, Miracle Hyogo Sightseeing Messe - Tower.

Kobe International Tourist Association (Kobe City)
Event, Sightseeing Spot, Traffic, Survey, The convention, Link

JR Kobe Station (Kobe City)

Hidaka Town Visitors Bureaus (Hidaka Town)

Kasumi Town Visitors Bureaus (Kasumi Town)

Kinosaki-spa Visitors Bureaus (Kinosaki Town)<

Mikata Town Visitors Bureaus (Mikata Town)

Onsen Town Visitors Bureaus (Onsen Town)

Tanto Town Visitors Bureaus (Tanto Town)

Yamasaki Town Visitors Bureaus (Yamasaki Town)


Japanitm (Itami City/Mariko Hirano)
We offer traditional Japanease item. Such as furniture, kettle, dishes, fan, bonsai. Thay have unique feature respectively.


Maeda Real Estate (Kobe City)
Leading Providing of total Relocation Services in Japan, Kansai region. We handle everything for living in Japan. From finding your home until moving out, leave all your worries to us.


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