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Sun Street
Kameido, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Retail Complex

Sun Street, opened on Nov.'97, is located just in front of Kameido station of JR Sobu line. This is the first facility of this region that every one in Tokyo is interested in. Many people come visit this complex.

Ex-factory re-development, but Sun Street has definitely differnt from other similar re-development projects. Main reason of this difference is that the project is for temporaly use. In spite of big site area, big open space and not highrise, 2-story building utilizing low cost materials. It is actually low cost building, but the atmosphere of the facility is very fancy with good color scheme and good design plan. Tenants are very good, too. Many kind of people can enjoy and come again. Recent other redevelopment do not know what is the customer needs, and many too fancy stores and restaurants.

Sun Street has Toysarus and Kimuraya, famous discounter, especially Toysarus is the first Tokyo branch with the biggest store floorage, and has a big effect on those possible customers. Sun Street put those Core-Tenants deep area and make customer good circulation among the facility. This circulation would be good for other stores. Also Sun Street has food market on its center, people in Kameido region will come to Sun Street on weekdays to purchase those daily stuffs. Opening sale, there were too much people more than planed, and very crowded. You should go after those too much people are gone. For people who live in near Kameido, it is very good facility, Hit! - Tokyo Hit! > Hit! > Sun Street

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