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Las Chicas
Restaurant Bar
5-47-6, Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
tel > 03-3407-6865
fax > 03-3400-5060

These days, this is the only place I can say "Hit" in Tokyo. 2 open air table places, front terrace and back yard, also inside tables and waiting bar.

"Italian" foods are served, but there is no specified atmosphere of the category which represents "now". Not much in French wine but South American or Australian wine are mostly served. Most of all waiters and waitresses are "Gaijins", customer can not use Japanese in the restaurant, so a lot of "Gaijins" customer they have. Portion of one plate is like 2 times of the ordinary Japanese restaurant. Total atmosphere is coolest. Of course fine at night, also very fine at brunch on Sunday. Cost per plate is relatively high, but portion is enough large, so when you have right choice, it dose not cost you much.

Location of this restaurant is a little bit complicated, it is near Aoyama Gakuin University, on oposite side of Aogaku turn at City Bank corner and 5 minutes walk from the corner, you will find the place on your left. - Tokyo Hit! > Hit! > Las Chicas

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