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Aux Bacchanales
French Cafe Restaurant
1-6, Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
tel > 03-5474-0076

French cafe restaurant at very popular place in Harajuku at Palais Francais building. Side walk seats are always full with people watching snobs on the Meiji street. Restaurant is not so crowded.

This kind of style is recently very popular in Tokyo, but this place is the coolest. Due to its location, many Gaijins are sitting at the side walk table.

In case you are very hesitate to be a customer to that cafe, you should buy bread at the bakery just inside of the cafe. Baguet is very reasonable price and high quality. Walk through Omote-sando with the baguet, cool! - Tokyo Hit! > Hit! > Aux Bacchanales

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