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Headquarters of Saint Marc is in Okayama. Their direct restaurants and franchisee restaurants are located all over Japan. The company of Saint Marc is the rising company after opening their stocks on Jasdaq.

Bakery Restaurant Saint Marc
Suburban Restaurant
Shakujiidai branch
7-26-3, Shakujiidai, Nerima-ku

Saint Marc is a chain of restaurant widely spread out all over Japan. This occasion I visited Shakujiidai branch. Saint Marc is one of "Family Restaurants" but definitely different from other "Family Restaurant". Reputation of the Shakujii branch is good in interior and menu. The restaurant has "Bakery" on its name, they are very good at their bread. When you choose the bread instead of rice, you will have fresh bread as much as you like. At lunch time, budget is \1000 to \1500 for one person. High ceiling and wide floor, you can enjoy your lunch or dinner with your family, children is also welcome.

They are well using electronic net for disclosure, further information is available at following URL;

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