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Burma Support Group (Australia)
The problem in Burma, Boycotts, Travel, Sanctions, Resources

Learn the truth now! (Brazil/Roberto Lopes)
Awareness of and action about some of the worst crimes against humankind ever committed. They're still happening now.

Democratic Voice of Burma - DVB (Norway)
Goals and objectives, Programs and Air Time, Two-week program archive, How to contact us

Euro-BurmaNet (
A biography of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, Some facts about Burma, The drug in Burma, Sommaire...

Forced Labor, Heroin and Terror in Burma (Dan Orzech)
What the World Thinks, The Investors in Terror, Companies which have pulled out of Burma, Thinking of Travelling to Burma? Don't!

Evolution of Human Species (USA/Victor J. Serge)
the book (half of which is free) exposes moral values of bureaucrats, commoners, and slaves, picturing the naked evolution of human organization > by its size (through tribe, city-state, state, and empire) and by its quality (through monarchy and republic)

Free Burma CoaLItion (USA/The Free Burma Coalition)
FBC is an umbrella group of organizations around the world working for freedom and democracy in Burma.

Karen Army in Burma (Team ISAAC)
We "Team ISAAC" is an action group for support Karen Army.

Burma Project (USA/Open Society Institute)
The latest news on Burma, Scholarships and grants, Burma and the world, Suggested links and reading, Burma legislation, Calendar of events, Business, Health and education, Map, Facts and stats, Human rights, A brief history, SLORC, Burma organizations, Drugs and Burma

Free Burma
Free Burma is a slogan, a hope, a certain number of web pages, and, until the people there are free and self-governing... the only one there is .

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